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As movement we are convinced that: 

1. The life in the Earth have been transmited from other solar sistems, the ancient Sumerians pointed out the planet Nibiru.
2. The Anunnaki created the first human specie that, during the centuries, has been developed to obtain it's present form. We think that the called "aliens" are living between us, taking human shape and some of the great inventors were their representatives: thanks to the genetic combination, the telepathic transmision or an encounter of fourth grade.
3. They can be visible or invisible, this is also related with the starships that can be invisible for our phisic eyes.
4. The physical return to the Earth in order to restore the essential order (Christians name it the Second Return of Christ).
5. The differences between the present human races (intellectual, art, technology, science, culture, tradition) are related with the genetic variations and racial mixes that debilitated the genetic code of the first human specia and those diferences came from different alien races that, through the History, have visited the Earth.
6. All the books and holy writings of religions that have existed during millenniums, they are transmitig an encoded information that has been transformed, distorted by religious institutions changing the names and terms, adding, like in the case of the Catholic Church) elements from greek, egiptian and babilonian mithology.
7. Every person has the capacity of receiving telepathically (also phisically) the signals from the, so named, great beyond.
8. Religions try to take advantage of people who are unconscious of the true, and we think that different politic organisms, along the History, have been hiding facts. 
9. Every theory related with extraterrestrial life has a percentage of true.
10. The Abrahamic Religions use the exorcisme to expel "demons". Sumerian writings talk, for example, about Pazuzu and another beings that have nothing to do with the theology of Abrahamic Religions. Our position confirms the analysis and story of Ed and Loren Warren in the book "The World-Famous Exorcisme Team", confirmed by different scientists, doctors (schizophrenia and states inexplicables from a medical point of view, psycologist, and psychiatric).
Our understanding of the so called Holy Scriptures is as follows:
Base: Sumerian writings, archeological, scientists, astronomical, philologic discoveries, the present fact, a capacity to understand and relate facts from the past with the present.

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