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We start with this picture.

flying object whose shape is very similar to modern UFO
It is part of the Vatican and Wood Reliquary Box riproducela VergineMariadavanti the tomb of his son and a strange flying object whose shape is very similar to modern UFO.
It is possible that the resurrection is brought about by a flying saucer with an unknown technology can revive a person? and what about the two angels seen by Mary in the place where it was placed the body of Jesus Christ?
But Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As she wept, she bent over into the tomb and saw two angels in white sitting the one at the head and the other foot, where they had laid the body of Jesus  And they said to her: "Woman, Why are you crying? "(John 20:11).

According to some scholars of religion and ufology angels of the Bible could be alien. To be more precise the angels are classified in the breed Beta.
So looking at the resurrection of Jesus in the key UFO we can assume that Jesus was resurrected from his alien race with technology to revive a person. In addition two possible aliens were on guard at his tomb when he came back to life.
For the moment these are the elements that I have examined and have reached the following conclusion:
If the facts narrated in the Bible and the Apocrypha are really took place there is a good possibility that it is a UFO facts which indicate Jesus Christ more as a hybrid alien as a divine being.

8.23 You are from below, I am from above, you are of this world, I am not of this world
14.2 In my Father's house are many mansions. If not, I would have told. I go to prepare a place
14.3 And when I'm gone, and we'll prepare a place, I will come again to you and take you with me, that you also may be where "I am".

These phrases at a glance does not tell us anything about that but if we're going to read in a UFO could give certain words a different meaning.
We begin with the words "above", "down here" and "world". Jesus no doubt alluding to the kingdom of heaven as the heavens are above them according to the Christian religion is the kingdom of God Let us, however, to make the word "here" to "earth", "up there" in the "universe" or "space" and "world" in "planet".

Based on what the phrase of the Gospel would be rewritten as follows.

You are the earth = 8.23, I have space, you are of this planet, I am not of this planet.Moving on to the second sentence in which two words can be transformed into words with UFO references. the words "house", "dwellings" and "place" can be transformed into "spaceship", "rooms" and "read". The last word I called her "bed" on purpose because when you prepare a room for a guest is just one of the essential elements a good read. Consequently, the phrase should be read as follows:

14.2 in the ship of my Father there are many rooms. If not, I would have told. I go to prepare a bed.Let us now turn to the last sentence which must be interpreted as follows:

14.3 And when I go into the space, and we'll prepare a bed (or room), I will come again to you and take you with me, that you also may be where I am
So these three key sentences read in UFO tell us that Jesus not only says he is not a land, says that her father owns a spacecraft and invites people on his ride preparing the rooms where guests will stay.

And now for the resurrection of Jesus, it is obviously linked to death by crucifixion, but this event is free of UFO phenomena even when they were not found. Contrary to what the resurrection is impressive aspects UFO.


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