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Specifically the accusations done against Z. Sitchin are based to a large extent on lies, slanders and a great imagination. But, especially, on jealousy. We can observe that all this accusations etc. has place after  the death of the author of different books and they didn't have place during his life. Some examples, according to us, are absurd and are out of all logic.

Z. Sitchin was a freemason. The defenders of this opinion, simply, infect with it copying the video (that can be seen at youtube) where we can see some persons who hide their faces in order to not be recognized. One of this persons is, supposedly, Sitchin. Our answer: nowadays the ignorance is like the doctors: it hasn't borders. The superficiality of the arguments and the ignorance of the History an the facts produces this kind of situations. This video presents the members of the Masonic Lodge P2 Vatican 1876-78. It's the Pectorelli List, where Sitchin doesn't appear as member of a Lodge.
The second argument is the question: do the accusers really believe that the members of a high grade in the Masonry can made public the recordings of their encounters, rituals, ceremonies... in order to allow that someone who likes strong sensations can post it in the social network to gain likes or dislikes?
Third argument: most of people who attack Sitchin have appeared after his death. Where were they before?
Fourth argument: those who occupy themselves on the investigation of Freemasonry and similar subjects, shoud make a question to themselves. If Sitchin would be a freemason, why the Freemasonry Lodges doesn't use his writings on their teachings?
Is very easy to destroy a person with lies and, as we can see, the accusations bring to light the catholics. Sincerely, for us, this is nothing new. Our group is not related with Freemasonry, but with the investigation and the science. We can see that the Freemasonry is a bother for the religious fanatism of the accusers and we think that they should think about stoping to use some thing that the use in the daily life. For example the light bulb. Some examples of persons related with Freemasonry that have contributed to technological development and products that millions of people uses every day.
What was really invented by christians?
Catholicism- inquisition, bonfires, prosecutions, the jesuits invented the alcohol (vodka), Giordano Bruno lost his life in a bonfire. Copernicus was declaired heretic according to the Christianism. We can give endless examples.
Sitchin and his followers were convinced on the base of his works on the fact that he was the pioneer, that he had knowledges of the ancient languages, and that during his life wasn't accused like he is accused now.

We advice you not to believe those trying to discredit Zecharia Sitchin's translations. Will you believe those who lied and enslaved us for millennia, or those who are struggling to bring the truth to the surface?

And if the tablets are true, then this also means that the Reptilian Anunnakis are REAL. One more proof that they were here and almost for sure they are still here, ruling over us from the shadows. This is much more important than any planet up in the sky. We are their slaves and their food (just like we use animals as our slaves and food) and no matter how painful the truth is, we must face it. Only after dealing with it we can move forward and seek for solutions. Staying ignorant is what they want, but their reign will be over soon.

Nibiru's passing brought the destruction of a a very small population at that time, located close to great waters in the lowlands. There's nothing to worry about now! Probably medium floods will occur in some areas, but nothing more.

In our opinion Nibiru will reach the pick of its elliptic orbit in our solar system long after 2012 and it will be clearly visible in the sky for years before reaching its perigee. So, in our opinion, there's nothing to worry about. Our only concern should be mankind's spiritual upliftment and anything else is a distraction.



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