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(It is trivial that quaint local myths concerning many subjects exist all over the world among both more and less primitive peoples. We consider here only the latter day interpretation of the transcultural Gods involved in human history as mythic, unreal. We note also that the ancient civilizations did not call the Anunnaki God. They referred to them as masters,  lords, in the sense of rulers.)

Those still holding the mythological interpretation are in an unenviable position. They find themselves having to hold that the same citizens of the first civilizations who, they claim, invented -- or hallucinated -- the Gods through their primitive imaginings and naive proto-scientific projections of personality on the great forces of nature were the same primitives who somehow could build the stupendous Giza pyramid; somehow quarry, cut and move into place the one thousand ton stones of the Baalbek "temple" (rocket platform) which even our modern technology cannot begin to lift; somehow know the great precessional cycle of the heavens,  the existence of all ten of the planets of our solar system and how our solar system was formed (Enuma Elish document).

To escape this awkward dilemma, some fall back on the explanation that there "must" have been an even earlier civilization, lost now in the mists of time, the identity of which we cannot know which "must" have been destroyed or declined --- but which somehow left just enough technology and knowledge laying around to jump start the early civilizations we know. But they must hold this interpretation against the clear declaration of the Sumerian and all other ancient peoples that the gods were real flesh and blood, present to them, who gave them civilization.

The physical locations of the ancient legends as mythic has been gradually disproven beginning with the work of Schliemann (a German merchant who refused to believe that  the legendary ancient cities were mythic and risked his money to go to the middle east with ancient maps and dug up Troy, thereby breaking open the seal of myth) and completed with the re-discovery of all the ancient cities and centers on all continents.

The events involving the “gods” of ancient times and the technology attributed to them, considered as myth and naive legend, has been gradually disproven, beginning with the discovery of documents from the most ancient cities and reinforced with the discovery of the great library of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh and the gradual accumulation of some two million pieces of artifact and document confirming those events in great detail.  The discovery of ooparts, high tech tools, toys, artifacts, and technology along with documentation of advanced scientific knowledge ostensibly out of place in time along with astronomical knowledge of the entire solar system beyond our current level has reinforced the negation of the mythic interpretation.

The interpretation of the Gods, the Anunnaki themselves, as mythic, unreal beings (academic mythologists) and Jungian archetypes and the relegation of them to schizophrenic hallucination has been gradually  disproven beginning with the acknowledgment of the reality of the events attributed to them; the discounting of the arguments for their unreality due to the seeming fantastic deeds attributed to them by the development of our technology (rockets, lasers, radio communication, genetic engineering, atomic and particle beam weapons) that duplicate those feats. This interpretation has been implemented further by the pioneering exploration and questions posed by von Daniken and then completed by the comprehensive and brilliant demonstrations of Sitchin and Sir Laurence Gardner, the English historian and genealogist. 

The mythic interpretation has been supported by religions because to recognize the Anunnaki as real would be to open the door to a radical reinterpretation of the entire phenomenon of religion and put into question the real identity of the very deity at center of their belief system.  Gardner has brought to light, however, the fact that there exists a robust, highly documented history carrying all the way back to the Anunnaki, possessed by the heterodox tradition of Christianity.  This tradition is the one branded heretical and murderously persecuted by the Roman Church before and during the Inquisition.  There was no Dark Ages for this tradition, only for those whom the Church wanted to keep in the dark about the real nature of human history.

Now that we have begun by walking on the moon and exploring the solar system and have probes going starward,  the possibility of an alien civilization coming here is taken for granted and one coming here from inside our solar system trivial, rather than unreal myth.  “Mythinformation”,  after two hundred years of failure, although still hiding behind tenure in the university, is a dead issue. 


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