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Dr.Kazuo Murakami, a professor at Tsukuba University, Japan. 

"Reading the genetic code of human beings has often made me wonder. Who wrote such a precise design of life and how ? If the design took shape spontaneously without any purpose, it could not be such meaningful information. The design is nothing but a miracle and beyond human power. Then I can not help but suppose the existence of something superhuman. I have called that existence "something great" with the meaning of "somebody great" for the past ten years or so.

Dr.Murakami is a world-famous scientist due to his success in decoding the genes of renin, the substance that raises blood pressure. Many people spoke of him as the possible winner of a Nobel prize. I think that it is very significant that Professor Murakami announced that "human genes are not made naturally, so who designed them ? " Though Dr. Murakami does not yet deny Darwinism in his works, his brave announcement can be interpreted as that the theory of evolution is wrong. Maybe he might possibly imagine the creation of human genes by people with a more advanced science.

There is a man who has made bolder assertions. He is also a gene scientist, and the man who, along with Dr. James Watson, first discovered the double helix stracture of DNA. His name is Dr. Francis Crick. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Along with many famous scientists, Dr. Crick has said that human beings didi not evolve naturally but were created by scientifically advanced extraterrestrials.

"Beings who are much more intelligent than humans planned to make life exist in a far away galaxy and deliberately transplanted life to the Earth" 

Dr.Katsuhiko Sato, a professor at Tokyo University says as follows. 

"The universe is not ours alone, and also we are not the only intelligent beings. I can say that this is a new vision of the universe that we have come to share. To explain it in extreme terms, there could be some intelligent beings for whom it takes hundred billion years to think something. Their brain is so far from their feet that it takes them ten million years to notice if their foot has been stamped on. Or there could be living things who think at a speed of one-several trillionths of that of humans. When such a living thing is born, it has already finished thinking as much as we think in our whole life. I do not know if such an existence is fun or not, but it may exist. Human beings do not represent all intelligence, and intelligent beings do not have to look like humans. That is the viewpoint of cosmology." ("The universe is not ours alone")Mr.Sato says that our universe is just one of an infinite number of universes and that the universes are infinite.


Sir Martin Rees, Royal Society Professor at the University of Cambridge, and head of the British Royal Observatory, says the following about the multi-universe theory and his opinion on intelligent beings.

"Even if we have not been visited (and of course we can not be absolutely sure we haven't), we should not conclude that aliens don't exist. Even if intelligence were widespread, we may never become aware of more than a small and atypical fraction of what is out there. Some brains may package reality in a fashion that we can't conceive. Others could be uncommunicative. There may be a lot more life out there than we could ever detect. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. The only type of intelligence we could detect would be one that led to a technology we could recognize." ("Our Cosmic Habitat,"Phoenix)

It can be seen that both professors of cosmology said almost exactly the same thing: the possibility of a variety of universes and intelligent beings.

If we collate the words of these five brillant researchers, we find the following.

1.Human genes are not created spontaneously. Who designed them

2.Extraterrestrials may well have created humans.

3.The creation of humans by extraterrestrials is written in ancient documents from ancient ruins.

4.The universes are infinite and various intellectual beings may exist.

5.The universes are multiuniverse and we may not say that other intellectual beings does not exist.

When we look at the opinions of these geniuses, the creation of human beings by extraterrestrials seems to become more convincing.



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