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GGI - Great Global Informatorium. Contains all information available on Earth.

Sigma-Deritrinitation - a technological know-how, that allows "superlite" (faster than litespeed) travelling for most human spacecraft.

World Concil - the World's goverment in XXII century. All the members of World Concil are famous scientist, teachers and artists.

Wanderes - an alien supercivilisation. Is concidered to have no home planet (that's where the name Wanderers is coming from). Also is concidered to be involved in the developing of any single civilisation in the Galaxy; and preventing (as it is concidered) any catastrofies they will face.

Rangers and Pathfinders - are scouts of the future, who's task is to scout out the unknown stars and planets.

Progressing - is an "mentor" activity, that is undertaken by Earth COMCON organisation. A progressor is an agent of COMCON, with a mission to prevent other civilisations from making the same mistakes, that mankind has made in its evolutionary development.

COMCON - "Contact Comission". The biggest organisation on Earth in XXII century, that is careeing on all the activity, conserning any contacts with any alien civilisations. (Progressing is a very important activity of COMCON).

Free Search Group - an organisation of volunteers, who are taking place in global search for other civilisations. Any member of this organisation can choose a planet and then fly there to check it out.

Readers - humans, who have an increadable abylity to communicate with other people using telepaty.

COMCON 2 - "Control Comission". A secret organisation that, if so ordered by the World Council, controls any activity of the mankind and, if needed, perform any action necessary (like spying, keeping any dangerous subject away from this activity, confiscating equipment and more) to prevent any negative result created by this activity and/or it's creators.

(Also known as "Luden") is a person, who has evolutionated from a "homo sapiens" to a "homo ludens", a superhuman, member of a completely new human supercivilisation.


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