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Are there books and texts which talk about the Transhumanism? We can say yes, there are direct and pertinent texts, in those texts the reference and context of the Christians, the Buddhism, between other religions, shows direct and indirectly the Transhumanism. In the Christian Bible, and its innumerable editions, new editions, versions and translations as well as in the Muslim Coram, the Torah and the sacred book of the Hinduism, the information about the transmission of the DNA of a person has been explained from generation to generation using a primitive religious language.
The Transhumanism is the result of the evolve development of the individual as man in terms of techniques, intelligence, of discover through the investigation, the analysis, and the technical solutions that make the life easier and help to surpass the existing difficulties. It shall be seen in the work of doctors, telecommunications, social tendencies, the multimedia environment, etc. The Transhumanism have existed ever, from the time when the man appeared as a result of a genetic manipulation, as we can see in the ancient texts of Sumerian civilization, we exist thanks to this genetic manipulation.
The man, as a sensitive being, is not the work of a Darwinian evolution, he has evolved in the context of social intelligence, emotional culture, technics, adapting and adopting to the life the existing geographic conditions. The evolution is constant.
The investigation about Sumerian ancient texts show us that terms like Transhumanism or Posthumanism, weren’t unknown for the Sumerians. Not many persons know that those texts contain a great quantity of knowledges about human texts, actual and future events, including the end of our existence on the Earth.

Tanshumanism, Posthumanism are terms that have been created in order to define the elaboration and the analysis of the history of the human life in terms of it’s technology. The terms are not thoroughly used if we talk about our vital functions, but many of them are used in the realization of other activities.
We live in a world where the dimensions invisible for the humane eye are a fact.  

The exploration of planets in our more recent History can be a proof of it. The once ridiculed “iron bird” used for the human transport can be something like a modern plane. Nowadays millions of people can travel thanks to it. Before it was unthinkable and today it reach the speed of the sound. We can talk about more facts that once were objects of mocking and, because of them some people lost their life.
Is not necessary to be a futurist in order to be a Transhumanist, is enough if we look around us to see that human capacity of create continues improving, is this a race for the immortality? It can be say yes, but could this race be stopped by other facts like the double religious morality and the selective ethic? We are living in an era of Transhumanism, is a fact that we should accept. If you treat your life as your property and not as a property of your neighbors or of your friends at Facebook.

The religions of the world speak also about Transhumanism. In what sense?
The Buddhists inspire themselves for the inner illumination, the Jewish and the Christians are waiting for the heavenly savior. Basing their beliefs in the Torah that is a copy of the first Sumerian texts, and speaking about something that is the common base for the faith of Christians and Jewish.

“The Apostle of the gentiles” writes about a variety of physic bodies “contaminated by the sin” for the heaven, so it is not from this world.
The fact is that the writer of numerous letters, Saul, says that the meat an the blood can’t inherit the “kingdom of the gods” (Gods in orthographic consonance with the transfers of the Sumerians) for this reason the body has to be transformed, to enter in another shape, because it is necessary if it wants continue living in other dimension.
This physic transformation of the body takes place in a “open and close of eyes”. The term “open and close he eyes” for the human knowledge at its comprehension of time takes some seconds but, happens the same with the cosmic time?, earthly time? In what dimension?
My kingdom is not from this world, can be read in the Bible.
Exist a place out of the Earth, that is considered as the final objective of many persons (we can see examples in the so called Holy Books, but it is not completely registered). The problem is the lack of information that have been lost or distorted by religious facts. Here in the Earth, through telepathic or perception abilities, contacts of 3rd or 4th degree, they continue preparing themselves in order to go to this place.

Many of those questions, ironically can be found in the Sumerian texts but, instead of divinize the “saviors” that are dying for a wrong omniscient God, we read about the interference, during thousands of years, of beings that visited our planet under the form popularly known as “green men”.



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