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The Astronomical Evidence

A key underpinning of the Sitchin paradigm is the existence, now or in the past, of the tenth planet in our solar system, the home planet of the Anunnaki with the size, orbit, characteristics described, as Sitchin has demonstrated, in the Enuma Elish and corroborated by Harrington.

Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930. Christie, of the U.S. Naval Observatory,  discovered Charon, Pluto’s moon, in 1978.   The characteristics of Pluto derivable from the nature of Charon demonstrated that there must still be a large planet undiscovered because Pluto could not be the cause of the residuals, the “wobbles” in the orbital paths of Uranus and Neptune clearly identifiable.  The IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite), during ’83 -’84, produced observations of a tenth planet so robust that one of the astronomers on the project said that “all that remains is to name it” -- from which point the information has become curiously guarded.  In 1992 Harrington and Van Flandern of the Naval Observatory, working with all the information they had at hand, published their findings and opinion that there is, indeed, a tenth planet, even calling it an “intruder” planet.  Andersen of JPL later publicly expressed his belief that it could possibly be verified any time.  The search was narrowed to the southern skies, below the ecliptic.   Harrington invited Sitchin, having read his book and translations of the Enuma Elish,  to a meeting at his office and they correlated the current findings with the ancient records and Harrington acknowledged the detail of the ancient records while indicating where the tenth planet may now be in the solar system. 

The Technological Evidence

OOPARTS is the term used to describe the purportedly out of place in time artifacts, toys, tools, technical devices,  depictions and  documents which have come to light through archaeological excavation or discovery.  Almost everyone is familiar, through published works or documentaries, with the clay pot batteries still containing the electrodes from the Iraqi desert dated at 2500 B.C., the flyable model airplane from a pyramid tomb,  the sophisticated machining of stone requiring the most advanced techniques we know today,  the 1000 ton precision cut blocks of stone in a temple foundation that we could not even handle,  an ancient relief frieze from an Abydos temple depicting rockets, airplanes and even a helicopter, etc.  The most recent and quite amazing oopart is the rediscovery of monoatomic gold by David Hudson (Monoatomic are superconductors at room temperature, have anti-gravitic properties and are only now being investigated by the advanced physics community) Hudson’s discovery, correlated with the bringing  to light, by Gardner, of the suppressed discovery of the Anunnaki gold processing plant on Mt. Horeb by Sir Flinders Petrie in 1889 demonstrates that the monoatomics were already known at least 3000 years ago.

There are also ooparts that date, apparently, to millions of years ago that require serious evaluation and interpretation. Relative to the purpose of this paper, however,  consideration  is focused on that constellation of ooparts dating from no more than 450,000 years ago,  the approximate time of the first Anunnaki arrival on Earth,  and primarily on those from the time of the first “sudden” civilizations, 6000 years ago. We have accumulated almost an encyclopedia of such ooparts

These ooparts, coupled with evidence from many disciplines and the historical records indicate that an advanced civilization existed in those times possessing a high technology and that that civilization was indeed the Anunnaki. Sitchin has no doubt that,  all the evidence and the testimony of the early humans themselves,  indicate that that civilization was, indeed, the Anunnaki. 

The Documentary Evidence

The documentary evidence, i.e. the historical documentation for the existence and deeds of the Anunnaki, has been available to us since the early 1800’s.  The excavation of the ancients sites of Mesopotamia brought to light the amazingly advanced civilization of Sumer and, with it, thousands of clay tablets containing not only mundane records of commerce,  marriages, military actions and astronomical calculation systems  but of the history of the Anunnaki themselves. It is clear from these records that the Sumerians knew these aliens to be real flesh and blood. The library of the ruler, Ashurbanipal, at Nineveh was discovered to have burnt down and the clay tablets held there were fired, preserving them for our reading. Even to this day, more and more records are discovered.  One of the most impressive finds, in very recent time, has been a sealed, nine foot by 6 foot room in Sippar holding, neatly arranged on shelves, a set of some 400 elaborate clay tablets containing an unbroken record of the history of those ancient times, a sort of time capsule.  Again, the evidence is so overwhelming and robust that , if it weren’t for those with power enough to suppress,  it would have been accepted and our world view changed a century ago or perhaps sooner. 

The Genetic Evidence

The recovered records place the location of the Anunnaki laboratory where the first humans were literally produced in east central Africa just above their gold mines.  This falls precisely on the map  where the mitochondrial DNA “search for Eve” places the first woman Homo-Sapiens sapiens and in the same time frame.  The evidence of advanced genetic engineering is all there in the ancient documents..   Our rapid progress from inception to going to Mars  soon,  after only 250,000 years, does not correspond to the million year periodicities of slow evolutionary  development of other species such as homo erectus before us. The HH paradigm shows that the Creationists were only half wrong and the Evolutionists only half right:  there was a creation event but it was a genetic engineering process;  there is an evolutionary process but it was interrupted in our regard by the Anunnaki for their own practical purposes.  We shall be forced to introduce an additional category:  a synthesized species.



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