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Sumerian Elohim is a private initiative that, with the pass of the time, has won some followers. Like it’s name says, Sumerian Elohim is a group of persons whose objective is to show the evidence in the form of archeological discoveries and documents that form an alive register of the past. On the base of those registers were created the systems that we have nowadays (economy, polity, religion, science) and on the base of those registers were also created new disciplines and matters that are object of investigation in a universitary sphere. In spite of some modern scientists have reduced this matters to the level of pseudosciences. We believe that only through them it can be a biggest development of the civilization and the individual, and not through beliefs established in a system.

We are against the fact that christians say "thanks to god" when is made a technological, medical or scientists discovery, because this God as well as the creation of the religion has nothing to do with the genetic and intellectual attainment of the humankind –the prohibition of eating from the tree of the knowledge of the good and evil, text taken an reformed from ancient Sumerian texts is an example of how christianism works.
What is the objective of our investigation? Our objective is principally the science, the philosophy, the technology, the biology, the history, the culture, the linguistic, the development of modern technology, in terms of industry and technology of knowledge (the cybernetic, the virtual reality, the artificial intelligence, biological evolution, social technology, nanotechnology, the research of a civilization without limitations) in technology and material.
* Christian registers haven’t bases of historical investigation. The christianism is an entity created previously to religious and philosophical systems.
How many of us have grown in one or other religious formation?

We write about this because many of us were reared in religious families (in a fundamentalist sense) we went to the church or to the religous school and we are almost automatically identified as believers.

In order to finish, many of as during year of experiences, analysis, renounce to the organized religion, at the same time that we accepted the logic, the reason and the science, as a "belief system".



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