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There is no many distance between the Anunnaki and nowadays science and technology. We can say that they, as creators of the Mathematic Sciences, Agriculture, Astronomy, Medicin, etc., the Anunnaki  indicated the way to the future generations. Unfortunately, the apparition of every kind of religion with "imaginary beings" stopped radically this progress.

We are convinced of that in 2000 years of Christianism and Islam (between other religions) is enough. Step to step comes the era of the human development, of great discoveries... in anther words, to recover the lost time.

The future advance of Science will defeat the suffering and will try to reach the next level: stretch the life. Logically, the religions, as we know them nowadays, will dissapear.When the Science will get the goal of eliminate suffering and will slow down the aging, the religion in general will lose the sense of it's existence. You can ask, why? How would we pray for a divine healing if the remedy already exists in the earth? We will be witnesses of a no very far future where Science and Technologie will triumph over the superstition.
Finally the next generations will know that, thanks to the Science, they will be stronger than the imaginary gods. We, here and now, are the beginning of the new future generations. We don't know know how will be the future, but we are sure that, thanks to the technology which progress at the side of the science in different matters, the future generations will do outer space trips with the intelligence more developed that 100 years before.
We are totally against of every kind of despotism, religious fanatism (under every form), religious influence in public areas, child abuse, child indoctrination, every form of slavery (physical or intellectual), of the sistems that limite the information for the well-being of the society, just like we are against of the imposition of any idea or religion.
- Lets be the protagonists of creating a reallity personalized by everyone of us.



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