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Some Sumerian words that many other languages and cultures have borrowed. (Translations are from "A Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts," by John L. Hayes.)

Mother - Ama in Sumerian, Ima in Hebrew.

Father - Ab-ba, Ad-da in Sumerian, Aba in Hebrew.

Mountain, mountain-range - Kur, Hur-sag in Sumerian. Har is mountain in Hebrew. Kur could also mean land.

Alla, (Allah) the name of god in Arabic was also the name of a Sumerian goddess of the netherworld. In Akkadian Allatu.

Earth - Ki in Sumerian, also known as Gi or Qi. Modern usage Gaia for the mother Earth.

Great - Gal in Sumerian, in Hebrew Gadol is great or large; it has the same first and last sound. Three letter root is GAL, GDL.

The Sumerian people were sometimes called Lu-Lu Amelu, which means mixed up person (being). Because their mythology said we were created from a mixture of ingredients and themselves. And in English we call someone Lu-Lu if they are crazy or mixed up.
Adamu and Adapa are Sumerian names and characters, the original form of the name Adam from the Bible. Adam is always translated as "Man" in English. In Hebrew the word Adama can mean earth (dust of the ground) and Adom is red (like blood) and the word Dam means blood. Do you see how the root name of Adam is closely linked to other words? These double meanings will be important later on.
Heaven, sky, star is An, Anu, the city know as Heliopolis in Egypt used to be called An, or Anu. (The chief worship site of the god Re "Ra".) (Universe is a compound word made up of An-Ki, meaning Heaven and Earth.)

Dumuzi - Sumerian god, used for name of Hebrew month as Tammuz. Crying for Tammuz is mentioned in Bible, Ezekiel 8:12 (about the same time as the Babylonian exile). They were not crying for the name of a month. They were crying in remembrance of Dumuzi the husband of Inanna who was killed and not able to be revived.​


The Sumerian god Utu (meaning the [visible] sun) is the same as Shamash in Akkadian; he used the celestial symbol of the solar disk as his representation. The god name Shamash is the same as the Hebrew word for the sun, Shemesh. Imagine that, the word for sun is the same as the god who used the symbol of the sun.  

E-din, E-means house, Din means righteous or pure. The Garden of Eden. In Hebrew Din is law; House of Law is like saying courthouse. (Some of you may have heard of the word Moujahadin, which is an Arabic word meaning holy warrior or righteous warrior. This is the name of the Arabic fighters in Afghanistan that the U.S. supported to fight off the Russian invasion.) 

There are so many Sumerian influences, this will show you influences in the modern world that began in Sumer.



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